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As a designer, I’ve become quite the student of typography. I also tend to go through phases when I’ll find myself returning to the same font for project after project. Right now, there are a couple I tend to favor, but I just purchased a new font with which I am itching to experiment: Kurry. (aff)




This font was designed by Bangkok-based type foundry Cadson Demak. At its core, it’s a simple sans serif. But the curvy, quirky details really make it stand out. It features straight lines that end in sweeping strokes and beautiful ligatures that connect characters for a truly unique look. The OpenType font includes dozens of alternates, including keywords such as WITH, OF and BY.

My mind is swimming with the possibilities. This would make a beautiful base for an identity system, and, lucky for me, it is also available as a web font via MyFonts.com. (aff)

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