It’s Looking Spiffy Around Here, Huh?

Welcome to the brand new Hibiscus Creative site. The last few months have been incredibly busy, filled with challenging and rewarding projects. As a result, it’s rare that I find time to update the portfolio, or do any in-house work at all. I’ve been meaning to redesign the site for a while, to add some functionality. Once I got started, I decided to go all the way in and start basically from scratch.

So the site has gone from this…

hibiscussite-before this


Not that there was anything wrong with the original design. In fact, I was pretty much in love with it. It’s just that several years have gone by since I initially built the site, and Hibiscus Creative had outgrown it. Not the design, but the site functionality. Plus, I really wanted to start with fresh code rather than try to undo things I had done before.

The biggest changes:

  • Pages have been condensed and rewritten to include only the most important information and reduce the need to click through multiple pages
  • A custom post type allows us to separate portfolio entries from blog posts
  • Directly related to this ^^, is what you’re reading right now, the new blog!

I spend a lot of time reading about design, learning new skills, and bookmarking inspiration. I also seem find myself explaining the same things to clients over and over again. Instead, I’ll start cataloging some of that here in hopes of answering questions about design, offering inspiration, and allowing me to clear my brain of some of the jumbled thoughts that frequently live there.

I can’t promise this will happen on a daily, or even weekly, basis, since the actual work of designing is still what pays the bills around here. But I’ll do my best to share with you regularly in this space.

So take a moment, look at what I’ve added to the portfolio — now known as “our work” in the navigation menu — read about the design process, and ponder our services.

Let me know of you have any questions in the comments section below, or contact Hibiscus now to get a quote for your project.

About the Author

I'm Jennae Petersen, the founder and lead designer of Hibiscus Creative, and I write about what I know about: Design. I also love ice cream, reggae music, singing, dancing, and a number of other things that will never make me famous. I blog about eco-friendly decorating at Green Your Decor and all things eco-friendly and beautiful at Green & Gorgeous.

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