Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Most kids will be giving out Valentine’s Day cards to their classmates this year. But who wants to give out the same store-bought cards as everyone else, right? If you want something different that no one else will have, head over to Green & Gorgeous to download a free printable Valentine’s Day card template designed by yours truly.


But what makes these cards so darn special? Well, these are no ordinary Valentine cards. With a few minutes of elbow grease, you can turn them into interactive scratch-off cards to keep the recipient guessing about what their gift/prize/candy will be.



About the Author

I'm Jennae Petersen, the founder and lead designer of Hibiscus Creative, and I write about what I know about: Design. I also love ice cream, reggae music, singing, dancing, and a number of other things that will never make me famous. I blog about eco-friendly decorating at Green Your Decor and all things eco-friendly and beautiful at Green & Gorgeous.

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