Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: Creative Soul Photography is above all else, a couple of modern photographers with a very distinctive style. They wanted a brand mark that would tell that story without overpowering their work, particularly since the logo will sometimes be used to watermark photos. We created a simple, but distinctive mark with a customized script within a frame reminiscent of a photography mat.

Website Design


WHAT WE DID: My client had very distinctive ideas for what their website should look and feel like. It had to be clean and modern, but still colorful and warm. We used a combination of both bold and subtle patterns and textures, along with distinctive shapes to accomplish what is easily our favorite website design to date.



Logo Design


Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: Lotus Mamma is a Swedish brand that focuses on natural pregnancy and mothering and incorporates yoga and healthy living as huge parts of its messaging. The brand icon was designed to carefully reflect all of that, with a mother in lotus pose birthing a lotus flower in her belly.

Website Design


WHAT WE DID: The Lotus Mamma website functions as a blog, but also a hub for important information on the company’s services. The home page offers a variety of entry points for potential and existing customers, but also for visitors who would like to follow the blog.


Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: As the name implies, Latina on a Mission is a website designed for the modern Latina and her family. As such, the logo needed to be a simple, but bold, representation of that. We went for a simple, flowing, text-based logo inside a circular badge that can be customized to best fit the environment in which it is displayed.

Website Design


WHAT WE DID: Because the logo was so simple, we were able to build feminine details into the website around it. The site is, first and foremost, a blog, but it also needed to act as a real online destination for readers. Two carefully-placed content sliders and a category-based navigation menu help readers easily find what interests them.


Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: Soleil Selene is an awesome personal brand named after my client’s daughters. Given the intensely personal nature of the brand, we wanted to create a mark that felt warm and intimate. The soft serif font, connected letters and integrated heart accomplish that. The other great thing about the logo is that it can work as a whole, or separated into a logotype and icon.

Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: Differently is a clothing company Hibiscus Creative founder Jennae Petersen started with her husband. The company offers t-shirts with environmentally, socially, politically and personally conscious messages, all printed on organic or recycled cotton. The logo needed to be unique and identifiable, but simple and versatile enough to be endlessly adapted to t-shirt designs. The result is a logotype that clearly illustrates that Differently is not your average clothing company.

T-Shirt Designs




WHAT WE DID: Hibiscus is also responsible for all of Differently’s t-shirt designs.

Website Design


WHAT WE DID: The Differently website is much more loud and boastful than the logo. It has a dark, urban feel that pairs well with the sassy messages on the t-shirts. The home page features large detail images of several designs above the fold in a slide show, with thumbnails of more designs below the fold. Although the company sells its shirts via Skreened.com, the website is designed to be the first stop in the buying process.

Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: Stiletto Media is a social marketing company that works with brands to engage with bloggers in a variety of ways, from blog campaigns to events. With a sassy leader at its helm the logo needed to exhibit sophistication without being too upscale. We created a custom stiletto shoe icon paired with an RSS icon and a friendly upright script for an overall look that is instantly recognizable.

Website Design



WHAT WE DID: The Stiletto Media website features a blog as the front page, which makes sense, given that the company was developed by and for bloggers. It includes a content slider that allows the client to put major stories and events front and center. We also developed a private forum using Simple:Press and custom icons and badges to go with it.

Logo Design

WHAT WE DID: The client planned to start a magazine-style website focused primarily on fashion and entertainment. We created a brand mark based on the “red carpet” name that is bold and contemporary enough to work at the top of a website like this.

Tagline Development

Celebrity Fun & Fashion for the Rest of Us

Magazine-Style Blog Design


WHAT WE DID: The client wanted a custom home page that allowed her to show the latest posts from a variety of categories rather than a typical blog front page with the latest posts. We achieved this by using a Thesis child theme with multiple widget areas that we then customized deeply to match her branding.

Logo Design


Business Card & Letterhead Design


Website Design



Ther website features a unique header that remains in place even as the visitor scrolls down the page.


Custom grid layout for the client’s portfolio page.

Logo Design

WHAT WE DID: The client was a new blogger who wanted to start off with a strong brand that she could keep for the long haul. Her brand name says it all, and we created a color palette and imagery that reflects value without being cheesy.

Blog Design


WHAT WE DID: There are thousands of blogs, forums and websites dedicated to couponing and frugality. Instead of building the site around oft-used illustrations, we instead turned the value branding established by the logo on its head by pairing it with regal imagery for a look that is rich and layered.


Custom social icons that play on the imagery in the logo.


Signature designed to be used at the end of each blog post.