Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: Differently is a clothing company Hibiscus Creative founder Jennae Petersen started with her husband. The company offers t-shirts with environmentally, socially, politically and personally conscious messages, all printed on organic or recycled cotton. The logo needed to be unique and identifiable, but simple and versatile enough to be endlessly adapted to t-shirt designs. The result is a logotype that clearly illustrates that Differently is not your average clothing company.

T-Shirt Designs




WHAT WE DID: Hibiscus is also responsible for all of Differently’s t-shirt designs.

Website Design


WHAT WE DID: The Differently website is much more loud and boastful than the logo. It has a dark, urban feel that pairs well with the sassy messages on the t-shirts. The home page features large detail images of several designs above the fold in a slide show, with thumbnails of more designs below the fold. Although the company sells its shirts via, the website is designed to be the first stop in the buying process.

Logo Design


Business Card & Letterhead Design


Website Design



Ther website features a unique header that remains in place even as the visitor scrolls down the page.


Custom grid layout for the client’s portfolio page.

Logo Design


WHAT WE DID: ThE client came to us with a clear idea of what she wanted her logo to be. Her site is all about reviving the tradition of Sunday dinner with family-friendly recipes and stories. She wanted a badge-style logo that demonstrated some of the kitsch of days past, while retaining a slightly modern edge and a homey, warm color scheme.

Business Card Design


Blog Design


WHAT WE DID: Given the mission of the site, the design also had to create a homey feeling among readers. This was achieved with typography, a warm, but neutral color scheme based on the logo and natural textures to compliment close-up food photography without competing.


We created a custom recipe index to make discovery a breeze for readers.


We created custom recipe styling to make them easy to differentiate.

Logo Design

WHAT WE DID: The client is an amazing writer who lends her services to businesses that need brilliant marketing copy. She needed a logo that was both dynamic and professional, symbolic of an effective and efficient writer who is also not afraid to take risks to get the job done. I used quotation marks to create a flame emanating from the word “incite.” See the logo in use.

Business Card Design


Facebook Page Design

WHAT WE DID: The client came back to us a few months after we did her branding work for a Facebook page design to maximize “Likes” and engage with existing and potential clients in a meaningful way. The Facebook page was designed with a welcome video and newsletter signup form to maximize email capture.

Book Cover Design


WHAT WE DID: Imperfect Pulpit is a book about the pressures of being a member of church leadership. We interpreted the title concept literally, creating a pulpit that is literally imperfect — with a crack down the middle — to illustrate the idea that preachers and ministers are just as imperfect as any other human being.

One-color wedding invitation


WHAT WE DID: These invitations were designed for a bride on a budget. She wanted high-impact invitations that wouldn’t cost her a lot to print. I created the invitations — solely with black ink — to be printed on pink card stock. This wound up saving the couple a lot of money over the option of having the cards printed in color or professionally letterpressed.

Front-End eCommerce Website Design


The client came to Hibiscus with a very specific idea of how her website would function. She wanted a completely custom design to be built on top of Product Cart shopping cart software. The result was a clean design that used color sparingly to put the emphasis where it belongs: On the products and calls to action.

Email Newsletter & Banner ad design


We later designed and coded an email newsletter for aHa! Modern Living, built with tables and minimal images to maximize compatibility with a variety of email service providers. We also designed a series of banner ads in various sizes for aHa!, as well as it’s partner business, Nest in Style, a gardening podcast provider.

Media Guide Design


Continuing the colorful, clean aHa! branding, we designed a media guide to be printed and distributed to various media outlets along with aHa! products. Each sheet was designed at an increasing width with a solid color bar on the right edge. When stacked, each sheet could be identified and selected easily, even when presented inside a folder.

During my time as a graphic design coordinator at Home Improvement magazine, I was responsible for cover and feature layouts. Some examples:

Cover design


Annual Landscape Planner Layout


Feature Story Layout


Logo design


Divas Spa Central is a mobile spa company that takes their business to the customer, rather than the other way around. The client needed a simple, classy logo that could be applied not just to traditional items like business cards and brochures, but that also was simple enough to work well in one color and be applied to large-scale printing jobs such as banners, vehicle wraps and signage.

Business cards design


Loyalty card design



Brochure design