Green Design

It may not seem obvious, but graphic design CAN be green. Hibiscus Creative is a forward-thinking company. The world we live in — along with its climate — is changing. Period. Hibiscus is an eco-design company that is continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help clients do the same.


Here’s what we’re doing:

It’s a virtual world

Operations here are very nearly paperless. Faxes and files are delivered and stored electronically, and emails are rarely printed. Paper is used only to sketch ideas for clients’ projects. We consider sustainability in our technology decisions, including computer hardware and storage, and web hosting. Our host runs a carbon-neutral operation, so that we know they are making as much effort as we are to tread lightly on the Earth.

Greener printing is a must

When having documents printed professionally, we opt for green printing on recycled paper with water, soy or vegetable-based inks and free of chlorine. This greatly reduces not only consumption of virgin paper (ie. trees), but also reduces the number of harmful toxins that are being leached into the environment from inks and solvents that are laced with chemicals. Moreover, we always advise clients to choose eco-friendly printing options.

Resource-efficient design

There are always ways to make the design process, and the finished product, greener. That might mean a smart design with reduced packaging or creating a logo that is beautiful in one color. It might mean recommending that you deliver your brochure as a PDF or send your company newsletter electronically rather than using printed documents.

We walk the talk

We practice what we preach. We recycle everything we can and try to reuse or restore anything that isn’t. We prefer natural sunlight and LED light bulbs. We turn off the air conditioning when it’s nice outside and bottled water isn’t welcome here. We meet clients via phone, Skype or email to cut down on transportation emissions. In other words, we’re trying to lead by example.

We understand your motivation

We know that “green” is more than just a marketing tactic. We understand that when it really matters, it tends to influence every business decision. We get that sustainability is a big part of who you are and what you’re trying to do — because it’s a big part of who WE are and what WE’RE trying to do. We understand how to put that in a brand package that lets your customers know how important it is to you.