Thesis Customization

Hibiscus Creative is a longtime fan of the Thesis framework for WordPress. We’ve been using it since 2008, and one of our sites, Green Your Decor, was among the first to be featured in the Thesis showcase. This was in the days before hooks and custom functions, when Thesis was flexible, but not quite so much as it is now. We loved it then, and as it has evolved, we have evolved with it — so much that Hibiscus Creative is now an official Thesis designer.
We love pushing Thesis as far as it will go, and we’ve designed and built more than a few websites that use it as a framework. Contrary to the popular belief that all Thesis sites look the same, we’re here to prove that Thesis can be whatever you want it to be and look however you want it to look, in the hands of a capable designer. Don’t believe us? This site is built on Thesis too, and it looks nothing like the original framework.

Click the icons to view some of the dozens of Thesis-based sites we’ve designed and developed over the past few years. Please note that each site maintains a unique look and style, in spite of the fact that they are all built on the same framework:

Are you convinced that we can take your Thesis-based site to the next level? So are we! Contact us now for a custom quote so we can get started right away.