Comprehensive Brand Analysis




Full review of your current brand or idea to identify areas for improvement. I will speak with you to learn about your business, goals, and what you perceive as your impediments that prevent you from reaching your goals. Once I have a firm grasp on what you want to accomplish, I assess your needs and provide recommendations on moving forward.


  • 30-minute discovery phone call to identify your current frustrations with your branding
  • Logo and visual branding review and suggestions for improvement (design work to rebrand or improve visual identity is not included, but can be purchased separately)
  • Visual guidance on how make your visual branding cohesive and consistent (ex. color palette, font suggestions for your brand identity, etc.)
  • Ideal Client Persona Development: In order to know HOW to sell, you need to understand WHO you’re selling to. I will assist you in creating your ideal client persona. We’ll identify who they are, where they shop, what they buy, what social media platforms they frequent, and most importantly what their pain points are, you can truly understand how to sell them your products, services or personality. Includes an ideal client worksheet and a 30-minute strategy phone call to nail this down in real time.
  • Product and Service review: We’ll take a look at whether the products and services you’re offering are truly serving your ideal customer. I’ll make suggestions for tweaks to make your offerings more valuable and useful to the customers you really want to attract.
  • Video website audit with suggestions for how you can improve your site to better communicate your brand message and make more conversions (design work to rebrand or improve website is not included, but can be purchased separately)
  • Social media account review, with suggestions for improvement and examples of accounts in your industry that are doing it right.
  • Review of marketing copy and suggestions for a pro copywriter or editor, if needed
  • Final brand overview and roadmap delivered in PDF format for future reference


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